Friday, November 16, 2007

Planet's Touger Problems Persist, UN reports warns

The United Nations Environment Programme says that major threats to the planet such as climate change, the rate of extinction of species, and the challenge of feeding a growing population are among the many that remain unresolved, and all of them put humanity at risk.

GEO-4 , the latest in UNEP ’s series of flagship reports, assesses the current state of the global atmosphere, land, water and biodiversity, describes the changes since 1987, and identifies priorities for action. GEO-4 is the most comprehensive UN report on the environment, prepared by about 90 experts and eviewed by more than 1-00 thers across the world.

GEO-4 warns that we are living far beyond our means. The human population is now so large that “the amount of resources needed to sustain it exceeds what is available.... humanity ’s footprint [its environmental demand ] is 21.99 hectares per person while the arth ’s biological capacity is, on average, only 15.77 ha/person.....

GEO-4 is available here


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